Regent Of Subang : "Bale Dahana Is A Commitment From Dahana To Subang"

Bale DAHANA is a multi-purpose building in the area of Energetic Materials Center (EMC) of PT DAHANA (Persero) in Subang district.  More


PT Dahana (Persero) Enliven The Month Of National Occupational Health And Safety In Adaro Indonesia

Security and Safety is a price to die for our daily activities in contact with the work that has a high-risk.  More


Bale Dahana being The Games Arena Between Polda Jabar and Polres Subang

In the second Saturday in January, unusually, the middle lane provincial road of Subang regency  that connects  between Subang, Cikamurang, and Indramayu, right at kilometer 12, seemed so crowded by police on guard and controlled the traffic.  More


Dagoan And Thousands Of Bikers Joined In “Gowes” To Pangandaran

Bikers Community of PT DAHANA (Persero) or often called  DAGOAN (Dahana Goes Babarengan),  participated in the biggest bike event in Indonesia on January 16, 2016, namely the Tour de Pangandaran (TDP), an event which was attended by more than 1,500 participants from various bike communities throughout Indonesia.  More


Aiming The Power Plant And Highway Projects

General Manager of Quarry and Construction Division of PT DAHANA (Persero), Asep Maskandar revealed, some experience in construction and quarrying projects in many sectors of infrastructure which is successful satisfactorily become the capital  of PT DAHANA (Persero) to compete in domestic infrastructure development.  More

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