DAHANA – ADARO Competed in the Field

DAHANA Kampus had special guests from Kalimantan on Friday, 14th August 2015. They were the badminton team of PT Adaro Indonesia who paid a visit to DAHANA in Subang. The badminton team of Adaro originated from Adaro employees who worked in Tanjung site, South Kalimantan.  More


DAHANA’s Used Oil was Selected in 20 Science and Technology Prominent Innovations

Evening dimness started to envelope the capital city. However, the hustle and bustle was very obvious in the auditorium of the third floor of BPPT Building II in Thamrin area, Central Jakarta. A large stage had been prepared with its accessories to hold an event.  More


A Present from DAHANA for SMKN Cibogo

In 2006 this school was founded, starting as a distant school SMKN 2 Subang. At the end of 2014, its status and name changed to SMK Negeri Cibogo. This school is located to the east of Central Management Office (Kampus) of PT DAHANA (Persero), near the official housing of DAHANA’s employees.  More


Holcim Indonesia Visited DAHANA’s Explosive Plant

DAHANA Kampus had special guests from Holcim Indonesia (3/9/15). There were 16 mining men from this Narogong cement plant. Their visit was accompanied by the Senior Manager of Operation for Quarry Sector himself, Setio Budhianto.  More


Giving a Present for the 20th Hakteknas anniversary, The Ministry of Defense Initiated the Construction of Rocket Booster Raw Material Plant

Exactly on the 20th anniversary of Hakteknas (National Technology Awakening Day), the Ministry of Defense initiated the construction of Rocket Booster Raw Material Plant. The Initial Construction of Research and Development Facilities of Nitroglycerine Facility and Prototype event, held on 10th August 2015, was conducted in Energetic Material Center (EMC) of PT DAHANA (Persero) in Subang.  More

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